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Picompany – a wmk corporate theme

Setup and configuration

Picompany is a theme that is suitable for the website of a company, open source project, club, or similar. It can be used for a personal blog but is not specially designed for that. The theme is based on the Company example for the Pico CSS framework.

Add Picompany to your site by cloning it into themes as picompany or adding it as a git submodule. Remember to run git submodule update --init --recursive to fetch dependencies. Then add the line theme: picompany to your wmk_config.yaml and rebuild the site.

Repudiandae fuga sunt magni
This is an example image inside a <figure> tag. Figures can be added to Markdown content by using the figure shortcode.

Site variables

  • site.title, site.description, site.keywords and site.lang set basic metadata.
  • site.base_url should be set to a hostname with a http/https prefix and no slash at the end. site.leading_path is usually an empty string but can be set to a path relative to a web root if the wmk site put into a subdirectory. Again, the path should not have a trailing slash.
  • site.google_font is an optional name of a font on Google Fonts, e.g. "Gentium Book Basic". It is also possible to specify a separate font for headings and a few other things with site.google_font_headings.
  • site.topnav_brand is the brand name/image to be shown in the top left corner, while site.topnav_links are links for the top navigation at the top right. Each item in the list of links should have the attributes url and title.
  • site.hero_title and site.hero_tagline indicate the contents of the text atop the hero header; site.hero_call_to_action is the hero button and should have the attributes url and title.

The sidebar

The sidebar is normally populated with Markdown content which has sidebar: true in the frontmatter. The order can be affected with sidebar_order. Each item should have an image, a title and a subtitle or summary. If you wish to link to something which is not on the site, set sidebar_item_url and add do_not_render: true to the frontmatter. By default, 4 items are shown.

The hero block

By default, the hero component is only shown on the frontpage. You can turn it on in markdown content by setting with_hero to true in the frontmatter. You can also control the content of the block by setting the variables hero_title, hero_tagline and hero_call_to_action, similarly to the corresponding site variables. The call to action button can be turned off by setting hero_no_call_to_action to true. Example.

The easiest way to change the background image in the topnav header and hero area is to put a new image into static/img/hero.jpg. The image should be quite dark and around 3000×1000 pixels in size.


This is an example form. Remove it by overriding the before_footer block.